My Work

Since 2007, my work has taken me to some of the most challenging operating environments in the world, immersing me in rural Philippines, India or Kenya among the most demanding customers on earth. I worked on increasing our understanding of the aspirational and ambitious emerging consumer markets in the developing world today.

Clients include mega multinationals like Samsung or Vodafone as well as startups in the social enterprise space. I've also worked for Finland's Aalto University informing doctoral research teams on innovative business models as well as consulting with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Economic Affairs Ministry of the government of The Netherlands.

My projects have led to a deep and contextual understanding of the peoples, their environment of uncertainty and their financial habits within the cash based, informal sector that makes up the majority of commercial activity. The informal economy and its innate creativity and innovation is a particular area of ongoing interest for me.

 From this perspective, I work with organizations, big or small, who seek to create strategies for serving these demanding consumer segments, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to the development of products, services and business models, with my background in engineering, human centered design and business.

In conditions of uncertainty, when too much is unknown including what or where the problem may be, I begin with exploratory user research in order to comprehend the landscape in which these solutions will reside creating a roadmap for collaborative outcomes.

I'm a human centered market designer who wants to solve the problem of successful, sustainable business models for the frontier markets of the future. Talk to me about the ways we can make sense of the complexity and challenge of these emerging opportunities.